Awaken The Spirit
– The Sacred Text of Jesus


– Richard Rohr
– Bishop Robert Freeman – UK
– Dave Andrews – AUS
– Rev’d Richard Bromley – UK
– Andy Frost – UK
– Anne Richards – UK
– Lyoyd Martin – NZ
– Alan and Deb Hirsch AUS
– David Spriggs UK
– Jarrod Mckenna AUS




Richard Rohr

“This is a beautiful and well written book! As a Franciscan, I admire the visual appeal to nature and creation, which we always believed was the “first Bible”. If we can honor and listen to God’s first Bible we will be well trained in how to honor and not misuse the written, second Bible.”

Fr.Richard Rohr,O.F.M.
Center for Action and Contemplation
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Bishop Robert Freeman

“Awaken the Spirit is both intriguing and exciting. It skilful fuses Sacred Texts (from the Bible), plus strong and evocative imagery, with reflection and meditation and the insights of personal experience. In one way this is a ‘safe’ book – it is accessible for just-about anyone, whatever their spiritual path. It is exploratory and not assertive. In another way this is a risky book – it invites not only our interest but also our response. It connects us to our spiritual selves and our spiritual selves to a God who reveals in the world around and in the stories and discoveries of godly people through history and now, and most specially to the life and teaching of Jesus and his followers.

I think all who are spiritual will find this a helpful and energising book that will help guide and shape their journey. And I think those who have a personal faith will also find Awaken the Spirit to be a source of insight and inspiration because it invites a different look at what may be familiar texts, and a different way of responding.”

The Rt Revd Robert Freeman, Bishop of Penrith, formerly National Evangelism Adviser for the Church of England and Chair of

Dave Andrews

‘I enjoyed reading, reflecting and meditating on the ideas and images in this book. It is a gentle, hospitable, spirited introduction to the way of Jesus of Nazareth, the radical, new age, alt.world, prophet of love and peace and justice.’

Dave Andrews, Community Worker, Inspirational leader and speaker. A Founder of the Waiters Union in Australia

Rev’d Richard Bromley

‘It is a brave book that does not feel it has to say it all, land the argument or make the killer point. I loved this book because it is willing to leave enough room for the Holy Spirit to flutter over the pages with the reader. This book invites you into its rhythm, the pictures provoke us to slow down and stare, the comments and stories prepare us to read the text. There is an ache in this book, it is more about searching than arriving, but in the process like so many of the stories the reader will discover the Lord of the journey.’

Rev’d Richard Bromley MA. Youth for Christ UK

Andy Frost

“The ancient writings on the life of Jesus have been crafted together with meditations, story and contemplative art in this wonderful book for the spiritual searcher. Whether you already follow Jesus or have never explored his message before, this book will provide insights and context to help you grasp more of the true identity of Jesus.”

Andy Frost, Share Jesus International director

Anne Richards

“..this book is designed to draw the reader into sacred Scripture, through beautiful, arresting and intriguing images, through gentle reflection and meditation, through inspiring story, through challenging actions, through the physical senses. Yet all of these things are themselves channels to the heart of Scripture, inviting readers to come by whatever spiritual path they have followed to find for themselves the reality of God’s love…”

Anne Richards, National Adviser: mission theology, alternative spiritualities and new religious movements. Mission and Public Affairs, Archbishops’ Council, Church of England, UK

Lloyd Martin

Endorsed by Lloyd Martin- NZ: God is one, the journeys toward God are many. At different times in our lives we each find ourselves seeking light or running from it. This gentle book is a helpful guide for those who seek understanding around their journey in either direction. It weaves stories of God’s involvement in humanity with images and reflections by fellow seekers.

Lloyd Martin – author & Founder of the Praxis Network Australasia and the Pacific.

Alan and Deb Hirsch AUS

Jay has done a wonderful job of weaving the nascent message of Scripture into an artful tapestry of images, poetry, and prose. Any reader will find themselves thoroughly engaged from the Genesis to Revelations. Things are as they should be.

Alan and Deb Hirsch Authors // Activists // Dreamers

David Spriggs UK

This is a book to be treasured , savoured and imbibed. It is a book of beautiful images and some disturbing ones. Yet all the images are there to attract to the text and to provoke the imagination of the ‘reader’. It succeeds beyond expectation. To engage with this book is to take a journey towards God, because the book it illuminates are the Scriptures of Jesus, the Word of God.

Rev Dr David Spriggs, Bible and Church Consultant, Dean of Studies, Bible Society UK

Jarrod Mckenna AUS

“This Holy Scripture is not some neat manifesto. Despite how much it has been co-opted in consumerist and conservative projects, this is a miraculously messy record and wrestle with the Spirit that initiates & animates all of reality who isn’t finished with creation, or with you! This Mystery that these ancient writing claim is seen fully to be Love in a poor-homeless-nonviolent-revolutionary, wants to initiate and animate our lives with this radical love. So be warned. If you welcome this wrestle with these Scared Writing you come away walking differently, and witnessing to a new world of justice, peace and joy in the Spirit.”

Jarrod McKenna, Activist, peace award recipient, social commentator.